Definitions for "Hydrogenation"
The chemical process whereby hydrogen is added to an unsaturated fatty acid in vegetable oil and changes the oil from a liquid to a soft or solid state, to increase its stability. Hydrogenation eliminates double bonds and, in doing so, the molecular configuration of the fat molecule can change from the natural "cis" (safe) to the "trans" (harmful) configuration.
Oils and fats which contain unsaturated fatty acids may have these changed to saturated acids by combination with hydrogen. This hydrogenation raises the melting point.
oils and fats which contain unsaturated fatty acids may change these unsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids through hydrogenation. Hydrogenation of an oil or fat will increase the melting point.
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The reaction in which hydrogen adds across a double or triple bond.
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The act of combining with hydrogen, or the state of being so combined.