Definitions for "INCUBUS"
One of a race of highly improper demons who, though probably not wholly extinct, may be said to have seen their best nights. For a complete account of _incubi_ and _succubi_, including _incubae_ and _succubae_, see the _Liber Demonorum_ of Protassus (Paris, 1328), which contains much curious information that would be out of place in a dictionary intended as a text-book for the public schools. Victor Hugo relates that in the Channel Islands Satan himself -- tempted more than elsewhere by the beauty of the women, doubtless -- sometimes plays at _incubus_, greatly to the inconvenience and alarm of the good dames who wish to be loyal to their marriage vows, generally speaking. A certain lady applied to the parish priest to learn how they might, in the dark, distinguish the hardy intruder from their husbands. The holy man said they must feel his brown for horns; but Hugo is ungallant enough to hint a doubt of the efficacy of the test.
A demon; a fiend; a lascivious spirit, supposed to have sexual intercourse with women by night.
The nightmare. See Nightmare.
Incubus (Esperanto: Inkubo) is a black and white horror film originally released in 1965 and later restored in 2001. Incubus was directed by Leslie Stevens, creator of The Outer Limits, and stars a pre-Star Trek William Shatner. Its striking black and white cinematography was by Conrad Hall, who went on to win three Academy Awards for his work on the films Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Road to Perdition, and American Beauty.
"Incubus" is a 2007 horror movie starring Tara Reid, that was released as the first-ever Direct-to-Download movie through AOL in late 2006. The DVD is due to hit shelves on February 6th 2007 as an Unrated DVD. The movie tells the story about a group of stranded friends led by Jay (Reid) who find themselves trapped in an abandoned factory with a deranged killer after a car accident.
Incubus is a five-piece alternative rock band based out of Calabasas, California. The band has enjoyed great success over their fifteen-year long career, with singles like "Drive" and "Wish You Were Here" making them household names in today's musical climate. Incubus has enjoyed multi-platinum album success with albums such as 1999's Make Yourself and 2001's Morning View.
Any oppressive encumbrance or burden; anything that prevents the free use of the faculties.
someone who depresses or worries others