Definitions for "Learning Disabilities"
A disorder that impacts a person's ability to interpret what they see and hear and/or link information from different parts of the brain. These difficulties are not caused by mental retardation or known physical problems. Areas affected can include, but are not limited to, difficulty with language, reading, or writing, and attention.
(LD): For purposes of the Hotline Web site, this refers to a special program for learning disabled adults. This box is checked if a program at the site is specially designed for LD students, or if teachers at the site have LD training. If a program does not check this box, it does not mean that they have no services for LD students, but rather that they will try to accommodate them in the best way possible.
A person with learning disabilities is characterised by slower than normal or limited intellectual and emotional development.
One or more deficiencies exhibited by a child in the essential learning processes of perception, conceptualization, language, memory, attention, impulse control, or motor function.