Definitions for "Long-term potentiation"
A form of cellular plasticity in which a postsynaptic neuron becomes more sensitive (potentiated) to the signal received from the presynaptic neuron. This potentiation is usually produced by a rapid and sustained burst of firing by the presynaptic neuron. The potentiation can then spread to other presynaptic neurons provided that they have fired in the past at the same time as the presynaptic cell that produced the potentiation in the first place. See also activity dependence.
The strengthening of a synaptic connection so that postsynaptic neurons are more easily activated. go to glossary index
an increase in postsynaptic potential caused by repeated stimulation of a cell, which is thought to occur in many structures, providing the basis for much of learning and memory, probably in the form of long-term modification of neural pathways.