Definitions for "Vanessa"
Any one of numerous species of handsomely colored butterflies belonging to Vanessa and allied genera. Many of these species have the edges of the wings irregularly scalloped.
painted beauty and red admiral
Vanessa is a genus of butterflies. The most common butterflies in this genus are the Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta), the American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis), the West Coast Lady (Vanessa annabella) and the Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui). Vanessa also includes the New Zealand Red Admiral (Vanessa gonerilla) and the Kamehameha (Vanessa tameamea) of Hawaii.
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Vanessa is an opera in three (originally four) acts by Samuel Barber with an original English libretto by Gian-Carlo Menotti. It was composed in 1956–1957 and was first performed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City on January 15, 1958, in a production designed by Cecil Beaton and directed by Menotti. Barber revised the opera in 1965, reducing the four acts to the three-act version most commonly performed today.
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Rhapsodie variety. Medium, standard African Violet (4-inch pot size) with frilled, semi-double, pink flowers and dark green leaves. Introduced 1987. (AVSA Reg. No. 6621) More information.
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Vanessa is a character in the King of Fighters series.