Definitions for "ATO"
Atmosphärisch angetriebener Torpedo A torpedo using compressed air as an oxidant with Decahydronapthalene (Decalin) to create steam that turned the propellers of the torpedo. A bubble trail was emitted that could be seen by the enemy and therefore during WWII they were intended to be used at night. Often referred to as 'air-driven' or 'compressed air powered' torpedoes
Assemble To Order. A manufacturing philosophy whereby components are manufactured to stock and then pulled for manufacturing when a specific customer order is received.
air asking order
Ammunition Technical Officer
A m p Air Transportation Office
Australian Tax Office
abort to orbit. A condition in which a failure, such as a premature engine shutdown, means the Shuttle won't be able to reach its planned orbit, but can reach a different safe orbit where operations might be continued.
Above Take Off (meaning height above where you took off from)
Assisted take-off
Adaptive Time Out is the time that must elapse before an acknowledgment is considered lost. After a time out, the sliding window is partially closed and the ATO is backed off.
Agency Tender Official. An inherently governmental agency official with decision-making authority who is responsible for the agency tender and represents the agency tender during source selection.
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African Timber Organization
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ah-toe) backwards, usually used in a command to move backwards using a technique instead of forward using the technique (compare to mae)
Atmospheric Transport Output File
Approved Training Organisation.
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Authority to operate