Definitions for "Authorized User"
Anyone who uses your credit cards or credit accounts with your permission. More specifically, someone who has a credit card from your account with their name on it. An authorized user is not legally responsible for the debt but is reported to the credit bureaus. Read more about the risks of adding an authorized user.
A trusted friend or family member to whom you grant access to your credit card account.
A user who has an account on your meeting service Web site, and uses his or her user name and password to log in to your meeting service.
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a faculty/staff employee who has been approved to use radiation-producing devices by the Radiation Safety Committee
a faculty/staff employee who has been approved to use radioactive material by the Radiation Safety Committee
a faculty, student, or staff member assigned to AFIT, or any other person with legal access to the library's collections and facilities on-site
a representative from an organization that the Post-Gazette invited to manage their event statuses for publication in the newspaper and/or on the web site
A person with the authority of a Tribe to receive, decode, and use for legal purposes the encrypted simulcast signal of racing events.
A person authorized by the employer to input or modify employer information and/or job advertisement information.