Definitions for "CDF"
This is one of the two large multi-purpose experiments located at the Fermilab Tevatron. Along with D0, it discovered the top quark in 1995. For more information see:
Collider Detector at Fermilab- an experimental collaboration committed to studying high energy particle collisions at the Tevatron in order to discover the properties of and interactions among the particles that make up the universe.
Collision Detector at FermiLab
Community Development Foundation. although the focus of a CDF is often related to for-profit companies, it can be a crucial source of support for non-profit civic and cultural organizations which provided the essential “quality of life” component to community and economic development. See,1169,C_REPORTS,00.html and put “arts” in their search engine to find relevant articles. Also see and download the article on “The Arts and Smart Growth.
Comprehensive Development Framework. The CDF is the World Bank Group's approach to coordinating all actors in the development process and implementing a coherent framework of macroeconomic, structural and social reforms for poverty reduction.  It is based on the principles of (a) a long-term and holistic vision of needs and solutions, (b) country ownership, (c) country-led participation, and (d) a focus on development results.
Career Development Facilitator
The CDF (Channel Definition Format) is a file format from Microsoft that lets you create a file that defines a Web "channel," which is a preselected Web site or group of related Web sites. The Channel Definition Format is an application of Extensible Markup Langugage (XML) that Microsoft is proposing as a standard way to describe a Web site channel. CDF 101: Creating a Simple Channel CDF Reference
An XML DTD that sets up server-push channels for routine delivery of Web-based information to users. Also see DTD
Channel Definition Format. See CDF
polychlorinated dibenzofurans
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Chief of the Defence Force
Capital Defense Forces
Civil Defense Forces (pro-government force)
contained disposal facility. a structure built along a shoreline (or sometimes as an island) to contain solid material from dredging. The facility is lined with impervious material to contain the dredged material. The surrounding water and ground water is tested periodically to insure that toxic chemicals are not leaching from the dredged material in the CDF.
Confined Disposal Facility
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Cumulative Distribution Function; mathematical expression of variability within a parameter.
see cumulative distribution function
The currency of The Democratic Republic of Congo. ISO international currency...
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Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Charles Darwin Foundation. The Charles Darwin Foundation (and the Charles Darwin Research Station) is an international research organisation.
Commodity Deposit Form. The client has to fill up the Commodity Deposit Form (CDF) and submit the same to the warehouse along with the assayer's report after which the assayer gives a report of the quality of the commodities .The Commodity Deposit Form is available with the warehouse.
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For ABR, controls the decrease in Allowed Cell Rate (ACR) associated with the count of forward RM-cells sent without a received backward RM-cell (0 range of 1/64 to 1 with 1/16 as the default).
California Department of Forestry
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Customs Declaration Form