Definitions for "Clos"
Pronounced "cloh," this French word once applied only to vineyards or orchards surrounded by walls, but now can connote any wine brand, vintner, or estate — as in Clos Pitois, Clos Saint Martin, etc.
In Burgundy, a vineyard surrounded by walls.
(France) Traditionally, a walled vineyard, although the term is much abused on wine labels.
("closed") designates a cadence (a closing gesture and a concluding note) in which the last note sounds conclusive; this pitch is called the final and is the central or "home" note for the melody. The term clos is applied to troubadour and trouvère repertory and some instrumental dances; see also ouvert.
Common Lisp Object System. The object-oriented features of Common Lisp. These are introduced on this site and defined in the Common Lisp and Meta Object Protocol references.
Common Lisp Object System. An object-oriented system that uses objects to model real-world concepts
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Abbreviation for clear line of sight.