Definitions for "Crunch"
Keywords:  craunch, grind, chew, noise, gravel
To chew with force and noise; to craunch.
To grind or press with violence and noise.
To emit a grinding or craunching noise.
Keywords:  checkers, dice, prime, break, evacuate
When a player has no choice and has to evacuate his checkers to his home board.
When the dice rolls force you to break up a nicely built prime or home board.
When a roll forces you to break up a prime or board by moving checkers forward in a situation when it is undesirable to do so. If you have poor timing and are too far forward, you will be forced to crunch your board when behind a prime.
In broad usage, this refers to hard-and-fast mechanics which require little subjective interpretation -- aka "Crunchy". As defined in Ron Edwards' Gamism essay, "an application or type of Challenge, based on high predictability relative to risk." References: Gamism: Step On Up
Abdominal exercise used to isolate the abdominals while, at the same time, eliminates unwanted action from the iliopsoas muscles (hip flexors) and reduces the risk of stress on the lower back; preferred method of abdominal training over sit-ups.
a good start for the exercise ball," says Cotton
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CRUNCH was an old school New York City graffiti master of the 1970s and early-80s. A subway artist who started tagging IRT and IND train interiors in 1972, he progressed to exterior "pieces" in 1974, when spray-painting the sides of subway cars was still a relatively nascent sport.
To efficiently process large amounts of information. A number cruncher, for example, is a routine or device optimized for and dedicated to processing numbers.
CRUNCH is a Saturday morning programming block dedicated to animation on the Canadian television channel YTV. CRUNCH premiered on September 9, 2006, replacing The Zone Summer Weekends.
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Pleasant guitar-amp distortion.
a critical situation that arises because of a shortage (as a shortage of time or money or resources); "an end-of-the year crunch"; "a financial crunch"
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( link / ) Slang for the mechanical elements of any RPG.
To minimize the amount of computer memory used to store a program.
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The position in which the feet are held high and the hands low