Definitions for "Disk Space"
The amount of hard disk memory allocated, in a web hosting plan or package, for the purpose of storing the different files -- web pages, graphic images, programming scripts, etc. -- that make up your website, and incoming mail held in your e-mail accounts. Disk space is usually measured in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). Also referred to as data storage, disk storage space, web space, web storage space. See also: megabyte (MB) | gigabyte (GB) | web hosting
Disk space is the maximum amount of storage space that you have available to upload pages to your website. These pages will be stored on your web server. The amount of storage space that the pages occupy is measured in megabytes.
The amount of 'room' on a web server which is required to host a web site. Disk space is measured in megabytes (Mb). It is one of the variables which ISPs use in charging for their services. HTML files require virtually no disk space, larger images or animations considerably more. Your web site will tend to take up more and more disk space, requiring you to pay increasing fees to your ISP.
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