Definitions for "DPM"
Disruptive Pattern Material, Bristish camo pattern, available in Temperate (greens/browns) or Desert (beiges)
Disruptive Patterned Material. British Army type of camouflage
Disruptive Pattern Material. Term used by the British and Irish armies
Documents Per Minute - A measurement of the document rate of capture or throughput possible in check imaging.
call defect per million. Lost stable (connected call) or non-stable (call being setup) call due to any hardware or software failure, procedural error, or other causes. Note that a Call Defect does not include misrouted calls or loss of call features.
Diesel Particulate Matter. Sub-micron size particles found in diesel exhaust. Most emission regulations specify DPM measurement methods in which particulates are sampled on filters from cooled exhaust gas. The cooling causes condensation of vapors in the gas sampling train. Thus, the DPM is composed of both solid and liquid particles and is generally classified into three fractions: (1) inorganic carbon (soot), (2) organic fraction (often referred to as SOF or VOF), and (3) sulfate fraction (hydrated sulfuric acid).
Downtown people mover. A type of automated guideway transit vehicle operating on a loop or shuttle route within the central business district of a city.
See: "Downtown people mover"
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Detailed Processing Model
Acronym for Discrete Phase Model In addition to solving transport equations for the continuous fluid phase in a CFD simulation, FLUENT allows you to simulate a discrete second phase in a Lagrangian frame of reference. This second phase can consist of spherical particles (which may be taken to represent droplets or bubbles) dispersed in the continuous phase. Trajectories of these discrete phase entities, as well as heat and mass transfer to/from them can be modeled.
Discrete polymer modifier
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Diploma of Psychological Medicine
Doctor of Podiatry Medicine
Direct Procurement Method. A method of shipment which the government manages the shipment throughout. Packing, containerization, local drayage and storage services are obtained from a commercial firm under contractual arrangement. Usually small shipments with no furniture included.
New York State Department of Transportation Design Procedure Manual
ocuments er inute, a measure of track speed in a transport.
Draft Presidential Memorandum [from the Secretary of Defense
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Dynamic Pari-mutuel Market
Duplicate President's Mailing. An extra mailing sent to members who have requested and paid for this mailing. The League's state and national offices prepare and mail information packets periodically which include information for directors regarding voter service, membership issues, public relations campaigns, etc.
Designated Primary Market Maker. A trading function on the CBOE similar to what is required of a specialist.
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Damp-proof membrane beneath the base or slab finish
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
Dual Port Memory. Computer memory which can be simultaneously read and/or written by two different data sources.
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(Digital Panel Meter): A single range analog input, analog to digital converter and digital display.
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Acronym for Data Protection Manager.
direct-payment mortgage
Direct Part Marking