Definitions for "Encapsulate"
To enclose within a barrier for testing procedures; isolate.
enclose in a capsule or other small container
put in a short or concise form; reduce in volume; "capsulize the news"
Sealing or covering of a microcircuit to provide mechanical and environmental protection.
Sealing up or covering an element or circuit for mechanical and environmental protection.
A mitigation technique that reduces or eliminates emissions from a source by sealing with an impenetrable barrier.
To incorporate data packets from one protocol inside the data packets of another.
vb. To treat a collection of structured information as a whole without affecting or taking notice of its internal structure. In communications, a message or packet constructed according to one protocol, such as a TCP/IP packet, may be taken with its formatting data as an undifferentiated stream of bits that is then broken up and packaged according to a lower-level protocol (for example, as ATM packets) to be sent over a particular network; at the destination, the lower-level packets are assembled, re-creating the message as formatted for the encapsulated protocol. In object-oriented programming, the implementation details of a class are encapsulated in a separate file whose contents do not need to be known by a programmer using that class. See also ATM (definition 1), object-oriented programming, TCP/IP.
To put an existing file system into a one-way concatenation. A one-way concatenation consists of a single slice.
express a great deal of information briefly and clearly