Definitions for "Food Guide Pyramid"
Keywords:  pyramid, usda, diet, healthy, cereal
A model developed by the US Food and Drug Administration to help consumers understand daily nutritional requirements.
A graphic presentation of six basic food needs arranged in a pyramid to indicate the relative proportions of each food type needed for good nutrition.
The food guide pyramid is a diagram of a pyramid in which the bottom section depicts food that the USDA recommends consuming most often, and the top sections depict foods that should be consumed more sparingly.
a good resource for basic information on the dietary needs of children over the age of two
a healthful dietary
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a big step forward from the Four Food Groups, which placed an equal emphasis on foods from animal sources and plant sources
a great way to figure out how much of each food group you should have based on your age, sex, and weight goals
a series of levels of ecological food relationships especially when expressed in measured amounts.