Definitions for "Granularity"
An objective measure of the size differences of grains; granularity effects visible graininess.
Objective term describing the amount that silver halide grains have clumped together within the emulsion.
In particle physics (especially concerning the calorimetry systems), granularity is the level of subdivision in the eta and phi directions. Finer granularities mean that a particle's energy deposition pattern can be known more precisely, while coarse granularities denote less precision.
Stapgrootte. De granulariteit van een coordinaat is het grootste getal waardoor de coordinaat waarden deelbaar zijn zodat de uitkomst een geheel getal blijft. In videokaarten wordt de coordinaat gedeeld door de granulariteit als coordinaat-waarde in een register opgeslagen, waardoor deze granulariteit dus ontstaat.
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the level at which an item is described
The level of detail at which an information object or resource is viewed or described.
The degree of detail in which Puma displays analysis data. Data may be shown separately for each routine or library of a program; or data may be aggregated and associated with the top-level caller. The former granularity is called "in-only"; the latter is called "in-or-under."
Granularity is the extent to which a larger piece of information has been broken down into smaller units.
The size, decomposability and the extent to which a resource is intended to be used as part of a larger resource. More granular digital learning resources are smaller and do not have sub-components. Less granular digital learning resources are larger and are composed of smaller pieces. Also see aggregation level.
The extent to which a thing may be divided for the purposes of examination. "idea or unit size". A hypertext with tiny lexia may have high or small granularity if you are thinking about rearranging the lexia, while a book might be said to have low or large granularity since it is only easily rearranged at the book or page level.
The increments by which memory is allocated. 16-bit Windows global memory has 32-byte granularity. OS/2 and NT have 4K-byte granularity for system memory allocations. SmartHeap variable-size memory has 4 byte granularity. SmartHeap fixed-size memory has 2 byte granularity for 16-bit platforms and 4-byte for 32-bit platforms. If you request an allocation whose size is not a multiple of the granularity, the actual size allocated is rounded up to the next multiple. The difference is wasted memory, unless you determine and utilize the actual rather than the requested size.
the size of a data item or other object.
The stochastic density fluctuations in the radiograph superimposed on the object image.
The degree to which a system contains separate components. Systems with greater granularity are more flexible.
Describes a negative or film that shows a granulated structure, usually used to describe the degree of granularity that is visible. The GRAY CARD is a simple but effective aid in determining proper exposure.
The degree to which library procedures can be linked as individual blocks of code. In Microsoft libraries, granularity is at the object-file level. If a single object file containing three procedures is added to a library, all three procedures will be linked with the main program even if only one of them is actually called.
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For the FCFS policies, the number of tiles on a side of the square grid in which the intersection is divided. Thus, if the policy divides the intersection into 24 × 24 = 576 tiles, the granularity of the policy would be 24.
An image fill that gradually transitions from one color to another; commonly used in graphics editors.
A software, hardware or network system's ability to be modified by altering its components — for example, through changes to the modules in a software package, or to the number of processors in a hardware configuration.
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See 'abstraction'.
the quality of being composed of relatively large particles
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the amount of granules within a cell