Definitions for "Inducer"
The gas-entry portion of a centrifugal compressor wheel
A curved inlet section on an impeller. ( 060)
A curved inlet section of an impeller.
A substance which, when it contacts a living cell, causes the activation of a gene; as, non-metabolizable inducers are useful for studying the kinetics of genetic control systems.
A stimulus that promotes the activity of a specific gene.
A molecule that induces expression of a gene or operon by binding to a repressor protein and preventing the repressor from attaching to the operator.
A compound that increases (up-regulates) the levels of cytochrome P450 and/or other drug-metabolizing enzymes.
(1) In enzyme systems, a small molecule which, when added to a growth medium, causes a large increase in the level of some enzyme. (2) In embryology, a substance that causes a group of target cells to differentiate in a particular way.
a medication that increases the number of enzymes and leads to decreased concentrations of the substrate
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One who, or that which, induces or incites.
An algorithm which builds a model from training data. MineSet supports four classification inducers (Decision Tree, Option Tree, Evidence, Decision Table), and one regression inducer (Regression Tree).
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someone who tries to persuade or induce or lead on