Definitions for "IRMA"
INVERTED ROOF MEMBRANE ASSEMBLY. A patented variation of the "Protected Membrane Roof Assembly" in which STYROFOAM Brand insulation and ballast are placed over the membrane. (Also PRMA,)
Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly. A roofing system where the membrane is applied to the substrate and the insulation boards are on top, weighted down by gravel and rock ballast.
Insulated (or Inverted) Roof Membrane Assembly. In this system the roof membrane is laid directly on the roof deck, covered with extruded foam insulation and ballasted with stone, minimum of 1000 lbs. per square.
Irma A/S is a Danish supermarket chain. It was founded in 1886 as a small grocery selling eggs in Ravnsborggade in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The founder was named Carl Schepler.
Irma is a female given name. It is also used in combination with other names in the abbreviated form "Irm-," for example, Irmine, Irmela, Irmgardis. The name comes from the Old High German irmin, meaning world.
International Recording Media Association, previously known as the International Tape Association ( ITA), which represents the optical disc and magnetic tape industries. Their website is
International org Information Resources Management Association
a worldwide trade association encompassing organizations involved in every facet of recording media, from raw materials providers, manufacturers, replicators and duplicators, to copyright holders
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Immunoradiometric assay.
IntraRetinal Microvascular Anomalies A-C D-I J-O R-V Glossary
Institute of Rural Management Anand
Information Resources Management Act. Section 2054 of the Texas Government Code.
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an accurate, precise, and reliable tool for measuring F-PSA in human serum
Infrastructure for Real-Time and Multiparty Applications
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a feminine name which means "whole, universal".