Definitions for "Line Extension"
a brand strategy whereby the marketer introduces a new product using the existing brand name; e.g., Post-It notes coming out with new colors in a variety of sizes, Advil adding a medication with special arthritis-fighting ingredients, Salada introducing green tea to its line of teas, Snickers with a new bite-size chocolate bar, or Turtle Wax using its brand name to extend its line of car-care products from the original car wax to car polish, car wash, leather cleaner/conditioner products, even lubricating oil. See brand strategy, brand extension, multibranding, and new-brand strategy.
A new brand introduced by a brewery that represents a variation of differently flavored version of one of its existing brands.
existing product line extended to encompass new size ranges, colors, fabrics, garment types, or target market
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A means for providing ISDN at distances beyond the normal limit (18,000 feet) between the Central Office and your location, or when the line signal loss exceeds 35.0 dB. Also known as a span repeater.