Definitions for "Microarray"
A powerful technology that allows simultaneous measurement of expression levels for up to tens of thousands of genes.
An array of oligonucleotides printed on a solid surface to identify fluorescently labeled DNA sequences.
A tool used to sift through and analyze the information contained within a genome. A microarray consists of different nucleic acid probes that are chemically attached to a substrate, which can be a microchip, a glass slide or a microsphere-sized bead.
a key technology in pharmaco- and toxicogenomics, a field that has been identified in the FDA Critical Path document as a major opportunity for advancing medical product development and personalized medicine
Arrangement of miniaturised test sites on a small surface; spot sizes are usually less than 250µm. Many tests can be performed simulatenously or in parallel.
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a mature and widespread technique
a sensitive and specific method to screen simultaneously for a number of suspected agents