Definitions for "Mimas"
anchester nfor ation, atasets and ssociated ervices - new name for MIDAS. Data dissemination service for the UK academic community specializing in the on-line provision of socio-economic survey and time-series data, digital map data, bibliographic data and access software. Home to the Census Dissemination Unit.
A JISC-funded national data centre run by Manchester Computing at the University of Manchester. MIMAS provides the UK HE/FE communities with networked access to key data and information resources to support teaching, learning, and research across a wide range of disciplines.
MIMAS (Manchester Information and Associated Services) is one of three data centres which exist to serve the needs of the UK Higher Education community (others are BIDS and EDINA). MIMAS hosts bibliographic services such as Web of Science, COPAC, JSTOR, ZETO C and the Archives Hub. There is further information about these services on the LIS Subject Services web pages. In addition, MIMAS also hosts Socio-Economic Data services which are useful for quantitative research. Michele Davies is the UWS representive for MIMAS.
A moon of Saturn was discovered by William Herschel in 1789. Mimas also is designated as "Saturn I". In Greek mythology, Mimas was a giant slain by Heracules.
Mimas (mee'-məs or mye'-məs, , Greek Μίμᾱς, rarely Μίμανς) is a moon of Saturn that was discovered in 1789 by William Herschel. It is named after Mimas, a son of Gaia in Greek mythology, and is also designated Saturn I.
Keywords:  fftw, libxine, lapack, lsi, convolution
The Mimas Toolkit is a C++ real-time computer vision library. Algorithms include edge/corner-detection, object recognition/tracking, LSI-filters, segmentation, array-operators, convolution etc. OO wrappers for LAPACK, libxine, V4L, FFTW are provided.