Definitions for "Mouthpiece"
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The part of a musical or other instrument to which the mouth is applied in using it; as, the mouthpiece of a bugle, or of a tobacco pipe.
An appendage to an inlet or outlet opening of a pipe or vessel, to direct or facilitate the inflow or outflow of a fluid.
The part of a pipe the smoker places in his mouth to smoke and balance the pipe.
(especially boxing) equipment that protects an athlete's mouth
USA Hockey urges players of all ages and ability levels to wear a mouthpiece to protect the teeth and soft tissue of the mouth.
A thin rubber or plastic protective covering for the teeth.
The part on the top of the blowpipe that goes into the mouth. It is blown into, which channels air through the blowpipe, valve, stock, and into the bag. It is usually threaded at the bottom to screw onto the top of the blowpipe.
This is the part of a telephone into which you direct speech. It can be the cap on a Handset or a cone-shaped piece screwed into the Transmitter Faceplate.
Forms part of the snorkel placed in the mouth.
Mouthpiece was a New Jersey straight edge hardcore punk band from 1991 to 1996. While they had only three records, they had a huge fan base during their time together. Often seen as one of the last bands of the youth crew era, or the earliest revival of it, their popularity was due in part to the relative scarcity of other bands in New Jersey at the time.
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A person's lawyer.
a spokesperson (as a lawyer)
One who delivers the opinion of others or of another; a spokesman; as, the mouthpiece of his party.
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Another word for bit, often used by the British.
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An on camera manager.