Definitions for "Open Loop"
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(n.) A detection circuit where continuity between branches will result in a reportable condition. Source: Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council
A loop in which the same thread enters and leaves the loop at opposite sides without crossing over itself.
A mode of operation in a computerized engine management system that occurs after a cold start. During open loop, the computer provides a fixed air/fuel ratio that is richer than normal to improve cold derivability until the engine warms up. See also Close
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Term used to describe what the fly line should NOT look like when casting. It is formed by using a wide casting arc. Do this in the wind, and you may as well cast a 10 lb. fly. Don't do it.
term used to describe what the fly line looks like as it travels through the air during a poor cast; caused by a very wide casting arc.
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an unfinished thought or story
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A system where water is pumped from a water well, pond, lake or other surface source for use in a heat pump.