Definitions for "Scrubbing"
The process of shuttling through audio at various speeds as the audio pitch changes.
The process of moving within an audio file or tape to audibly locate a particular section. The term originally comes from the days of reel-to-reel players, when rocking a reel would give the impression of scrubbing tape across the head. Many audio scrub tools today allow the user to drag a cursor across the wave form to audition different sections of the audio file.
Clicking and dragging the Playhead across the Timeline to see the movie as the viewer will see it.
The process of obliterating identifying or near-identifying information in a medical record, including names of persons, doctors, hospitals, dates, or highly-specific diseases. Concept introduced by L. Sweeney at MIT.
The correction of errors, omissions and flaws in the data. ()
the act of cleaning a surface by rubbing it with a brush and soap and water
The process in which computer software checks for errors before a claim is submitted to an insurance carrier for payment; also known as edit check or cleaning the bill.
Compare? A common method of reducing stack air emissions; removal of impurities by spraying a liquid that concentrates the impurities into waste.
Purification of a gas by washing it with a liquid in a tower.
The process of agitating foam solution and air within a confined space (usually a hose) that produces tiny, uniform bubbles - the length and type of hose determine the amount of scrubbing and, therefore, foam quality.
The process of vibrating two pieces of metal, or metal coated materials, at ultrasonic frequencies to create a friction weld.
Manipulation of data within a protected health information (PHI) field prior to encryption. For more information on a PHI field, please refer to Protected Health Information.
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