Definitions for "SET-UP"
Tuning the car's suspension and aerodynamics package to a driver's advantage.
General vehicle tuning for all the adjustable mechanical and aerodynamic parts (wheel suspension, wings etc.).
refers to the conditioning of your attacker to react in a desired manner that corresponds with your strategy.
Putting a horse in the proper stance for the judge to evaluate him in a halter or conformation class.
an attempt to divert an opponent's attention elsewhere so you can attack him where he least expects to be attacked or an attempt to open an attacking area that is protected
a term denoting complete assembly of an article or an assembled article.
used interchangeably with "motif" to denote the central element(s) in a representational weight.
The function of erecting the displays, installation, or articles in theirassembled condition.
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The positioning of the camera and lights for a specific shot.
Term used in animation art collecting circles which refers to all the cels and the original background from a particular scene. In other words, what appears on your wall is exactly what is seen on your TV screen.
Each time the camera changes position.
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Used to describe the car’s overall preparation as the crews assess the variables in getting it ready to race.
n. The first time period in a game, during which players ready all the components that will be needed for playing.
The set-up is comprised of the can, magnets, and endbell of your motor. While you could set up your car, this term is most often in slot racing referring to the motor set-up.
a group of lampworked pieces, such as petals and leaves, that will be enclosed in a gather of clear glass in a paperweight
A group of objects which are arranged to be drawn or painted. A still life grouping.
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the premise or given circumstances laid out at the beginning of a story, just before the catalyst propels the story into its development and resolution.
the establishing of the characters and problem(s) in the first act which will be resolved or paid off in a story.
Water forced inshore by breaking waves; Section 4.3.2;
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Two suited decks, each with different colored backs, to replace the current decks in a game.
When a train is purposely stopped before completing the circuit. This can be caused by either the operator, or the computer. It is usually done for safety reasons.
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the process of creating a new job.