Definitions for "TEC"
coronary artery transluminal extraction catheter (TEC): A therapeutic procedure for coronary artery disease in which a tube (catheter) topped by two stainless steel blades is inserted through the groin and threaded into a blocked or narrowed coronary artery. The blades rotate and trim away the plaque from the wall of the artery; plaque fragments are then suctioned out through the catheter.
transluminal extraction catheter. A specially­designed atherectomy system that continuously cuts the plaque from the coronary vessel wall while simultaneously removing the resulting particles, including thrombus (blood clots), by vacuum extraction. Removing the plaque and thrombus widens the inside of the artery and lets more blood flow through the blockage. Extensive clinical testing has been performed on the TEC device. Results of this testing show that the TEC procedure is highly successful when used in saphenous vein bypass grafts because it removes the plaque with minimal disruption to the bypass graft itself. Additionally, the TEC procedure may be beneficial when used in coronary blockages that are complicated by the presence of thrombus (blood clots).
See Tivoli Enterprise Console.
Training & Enterprise Councils
A clearinghouse for all in-service or training activities located at the district office. Teachers and administrators are required to participate in in-service activities in order to keep current on the best practices in education and to be eligible to renew their teaching certificates.
Tasmanian Electoral Commission
See Tertiary Education Commission.
Tertiary Education Commission. (Go to the TEC website)
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Tonnes Équivalent Carcasse
TEC (from Transport En Commun in French) is the public transport company in Wallonia, Belgium. It is primarily a bus operator, but also operates the Charleroi tram system. TEC bus and trams are painted yellow and red.
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TARGET blank The Ecology Centre
TARGET blank Toyo Engineering Corporation
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The Episcopal Church (ECUSA).
Treaty establishing the European Community
Treaty of the European Community
Transmission Entry Capacity. The Transmission Entry Capacity of a power station is the maximum amount of active power deliverable by the Power Station at the Grid Entry Point (or in the case of an Embedded Power Station at the User System Entry Point), as declared by the Generator, expressed in whole MW. The maximum active power deliverable is the maximum amount deliverable simultaneously by the Generating Units and/or CCGT Modules less the MW consumed by the Generating Units and/or CCGT Modules in producing that active power and less any auxiliary demand supplied through the station transformers.
Technology Evaluation Center
track evaluation car
The Engineering Center; Topographic Engineering Center (USCE)
Abbreviation for thermoelectric cooler. A device used to dissipate heat in electronic assemblies by pumping heat from its hot face to its cold face..
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n. Abbreviation for Terrain Effect Chart. Featured in most wargames. A chart showing the various terrain features of a wargame map and their effect on unit movement, combat, etc.
Telephony Echo Canceller, an echo canceller used to eliminate echoes on the line side of AECs and other telecommunications voice equipment.
The Elongated Collectors. The National elongated coin collectors' club.
a police officer who investigates crimes
Total Electron Count
Total Employment Cost.
Total Electron Content ‘“dŽq
TRAVEL EXPENSE CLAIM. An itemized accounting of travel expenses for which an employee is seeking reimbursement.
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Technology Division
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top edge colored (top edge of text block colored (usually) to match the color of the binding)