Definitions for "Unaided Recall"
The percentage or number of consumers surveyed who are able to cite a product's/service's name after being requested to cite any and all product names within an advertised category. As opposed to Aided Recall which prompts the respondent with the specific names.
in measuring and evaluating advertising and other promotion elements, a research technique in which the respondent is questioned about what they remember about something, with no verbal or visual clues provided by the interviewer to aid the respondent in his or her recollection of the facts; for example, in determining an individual's recall of a particular television commercial, no information that would help the respondent remember the specific commercial is provided by the interviewer (that is, no information beyond what it takes to ascertain whether the person watched the program on which the commercial appeared). Researcher might ask: “What advertising do you recall seeing on TV last night?” See aided recall.
a questioning approach in which the respondent is asked to remember an object of interest without the assistance of clues from the researcher.
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