Definitions for "WORK ORDER"
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A work order is a run that has been approved for manufacturing by all of the parties involved: the MEMS Exchange, the participating fabs, and the customer.
A document authorizing the completion of a specific task.
The number assigned to work which is tracked by the FME and FS-WORKS system. The Work Order is used by Facilities Services shops to schedule and do the work, as well as collecting other information about the work.
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In the new administrative business systems, Work order is a term utilized only by Physical Plant and will refer only to certain service requests performed by that operation. other campus activities requiring discreet cost accumulations related to a given larger body of work will be Tasks to projects in the Oracle Grants Management Module.
an approved request for services performed by FMS
a request for processing of one or more intervals of imagery
a GIAC form used to detail and document service transactions (changes to subscriber services) for processing by the System Administrator (or authorized alternate) and for permanent reference, particularly by the Audit Committee
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an Un-Finished Invoice
document specifying any work that needs to be completed and includes details and drawings
Form used by printing companies to specify and schedule production of jobs and record the time, materials, and supplies that each job requires to complete.
A general description of the work to be carried out to complete a job, generally outlining the name and address of the customer, the location of the work, and the cost.
a contract between a vendor and a customer agreeing on the exact work to be done
a form you fill out to help the Facilities Planning Department staff assess your needs, and initiate the process to get your project started
A requirement by a local government body for work to be performed on a property so as to bring it into conformance with local regulations.