Definitions for "abd"
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All But Dissertation.
ABD or Aged, Blind and Disabled are individuals who are: (1) Age 65 and over (2) Unable to work because of a disability that is expected to last for at least a year or a disability that will result in death. (3) Blind
Acquired Brain Disorder. A disabling disruption in brain functioning that impairs a person's ability to function in society. It may be the result of external trauma, anoxic/hypoxic injury, infectious disease, brain tumor, intracranial surgery, a stroke, toxic exposure or a neurological disorder.
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servant of
Association of British Drivers. Voluntary group that lobbies Government for the 'beleagured British Motorist'.
ABCD is an address book server/client system. It is intended to be user friendly, cross platform, and awesome.
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Average Business Day; message figure based on telephone messages handled Monday through Friday.
Average Busy Day
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Advance Base Depot
The term "annuity beginning date" (ABD) means the date on which an employee, spouse, or divorced spouse applicant first becomes entitled to an annuity or any portion thereof. No annuity can ever begin to accrue on the 31st day of the month.
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Automatic Baud Rate Detection. See baud rate.