Definitions for "Alba"
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An old name for Scotland
The Roman name for Scotland
A name once used for Scotland.
The free alternative to albumwrap.This tool wraps a set of mp3 files into a single mp3 album, for ease of sharing on WinMx and similar programs. You can then extract the tracks back again.
Alternativa Bolivariana para las Americas (Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas), the official Spanish-language name for the economic and political alliance for Latin America proposed by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. So far, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela are members. Chavez proposed ALBA as a countergroup to the FTAA.
U. × hollandica Alba is one of a number of hybrids arising from the crossing of the Wych Elm U. glabra with a variety of Field Elm U. minor. First mentioned by Kirchner in Petzold & Kirchner Arb. Muscav. 559, 1864, as U. fulva Hort. var. alba, but without description.
(O. Fr. aubade) Dawn song. This poem usually focuses on two lovers and a watchman who is either for, against, or neutral to the lover but whose role is to announce the coming dawn which will cause the lovers to part.
Alba (Catalan for sunrise) is a subgenre of Provençal lyric poetry. It describes the longing of lovers who, having passed a night together, must separate for fear of being discovered by their respective spouses.
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Alba PLC is a consumer electronics company, based in the United Kingdom. The company originally made only low-cost consumer products under its own brand name, but has both founded and acquired other companies either wholly, in part, or UK manufacturing rights, building it into a large company. Beyond its own name, Goodmans, Breville, Bush and Hinari are its best known brands.
The Alba was a French car made by Constructions Métallurgiques, Usines Alba, Suresnes, Seine between 1913 and 1928.
Whitest and least interesting of the roses among roses that flower least.