Definitions for "Amelia"
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Amelia is a female given name. It is derived from the Germanic word amal meaning "work". The diminutive is usually Amy.
Amelia is the only known female vampire Elder in the Underworld mythos. She appeared briefly in Underworld and appeared in a flashback sequence in . She is portrayed by Zita Görög.
Amelia is a city and commune in the province of Terni (southeast Umbria, in central Italy), near the Tiber river, and the capital of the province of Terni.
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a small brimmed winter hat in lush fur velour
Amelia is a sentimental novel by Henry Fielding.
congenital absence of an arm or leg
Medical term for absence or partial absence of limbs at birth. Amelia can sometimes be caused by environmental or genetic factors. However, the cause of most cases remains a medical mystery.