Definitions for "Bristle"
Keywords:  hog, trichome, stiff, brush, cyperaceae
A short, stiff, coarse hair, as on the back of swine.
A stiff, sharp, roundish hair.
To erect the bristles of; to cause to stand up, as the bristles of an angry hog; -- sometimes with up.
Keywords:  substrucuture
Keywords:  indignation, defiance
To show defiance or indignation.
be in a state of movement or action; "The room abounded with screaming children"; "The garden bristled with toddlers"
sharp, short, basally unthickened projection from leaf margin
Keywords:  setae, arising, branches
branches arising on setae
Keywords:  schematic, icon, pin, port, physical
A connection point to a schematic use that makes a physical connection to a port in the schematic. The location is defined by a pin (q.v.) in the icon.
Keywords:  erect, stand, rise, thick, appear
To rise or stand erect, like bristles.
To appear as if covered with bristles; to have standing, thick and erect, like bristles.
Keywords:  thread, fix
To fix a bristle to; as, to bristle a thread.