Definitions for "CANNIBAL"
Cannibal is the name of the forthcoming Static-X studio album, which will be their fifth overall. It is set to be released on April 3, 2007 on Reprise Records. The first single from the album is "Cannibal", a while before the album's release "Destroyer" will set off as the second one.
Cannibal is a song by Industrial Metal band Static-X and the first single from their upcoming album with the same title. This is also the first time Static-X have released a single for the title song.
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A human being that eats human flesh; hence, any that devours its own kind.
A person who eats human flesh.
a human being who eats human flesh
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A gastronome of the old school who preserves the simple tastes and adheres to the natural diet of the pre-pork period.
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a guy who goes into a restaurant and orders the waiter
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One who loves his fellow man --- with gravy.
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an animal that feeds on others of its own species
an organism that will prey on and consume members of its own species.
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n.: Someone who is fed up with people.
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Relating to cannibals or cannibalism.