Definitions for "Change of Heart"
a detailed account of the revolutionary Framingham Heart study -- which, over the years, has provided conclusive evidence that cardiovascular disease is largely the result of measurable and modifiable risk factors
Change of Heart were a Canadian alternative rock band. Although they were one of Canada's most influential bands in the genre, they only had one mainstream Top 40 hit, "There You Go" in 1992 -- and, oddly, even that was only a hit in Saskatchewan.
Change of Heart is a dating game show that was hosted by Chris Jagger (1998-2001, 2002-03) and Lynne Koplitz (2001-02) and syndicated by Warner Bros. Domestic Television. The show was also featured on The Jamie Foxx Show.
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a genuine miracle
a melodramatic tale of tragedy redeemed by love
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a Sailor Moon story
a crowning achievement and thank you for reading this meditation
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a change of mind
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a good thing