Definitions for "Discharging"
Keywords:  degumming, gum, mordant, silk, dye
The process of boiling off and removal of gum from silk. See degumming.
the removal of color through the application of chemicals. Chlorine bleach is an example most people recognize. When you spill bleach on clothing accidentally, a chemical reaction occurs that alters the dye molecule and changes the color of the cloth. When this is used deliberately, a pattern can be created on the fabric surface. There are many kinds of discharging agents, but they all do essentially the same thing.
The destruction by chemical means of a dye or mordant already present on a material to leave a white or differently coloured pattern. Note: This term is also used to describe the removal of gum from silk (see degumming).
Keywords:  unloading, cargo, wharf, barge, carrier
The unloading of cargo from a carrier, or of the contents from a container.
Unloading cargo from a vessel to a wharf, barge or other vessel.
When a battery is delivering current, it is said to be discharging.
Drawing electrical energy from a battery in which chemical energy is converted into electrical energy
Process of cancelling a charge for a book that is returned.