Definitions for "Hawthorn"
A thorny shrub or tree (the Cratægus oxyacantha), having deeply lobed, shining leaves, small, roselike, fragrant flowers, and a fruit called haw. It is much used in Europe for hedges, and for standards in gardens. The American hawthorn is Cratægus cordata, which has the leaves but little lobed.
a thorny shrub or tree with white or pink flowers, followed by red berries later in the season. It has lobed leaves.
Mild heart tonic helps blood flow more easily, supports digestion
Hawthorn provides a caching and lookup mechanism for bioinformatics ontology formats such as OBO and DAG.
Linked to reduced cancer risk and some cardiovascular diseases, promotes eye health and strengthens blood vessels.
As A Treatment"...The action of these compounds on the cardiovascular system has led to the development of leaf and flower extracts..."
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