Definitions for "Bilberry"
The European whortleberry (Vaccinium myrtillus); also, its edible bluish black fruit.
Any similar plant or its fruit; esp., in America, the species Vaccinium myrtilloides, Vaccinium cæspitosum and Vaccinium uliginosum.
A small, purple-blue fruit of an evergreen shrub, native to North Africa. It can be still found in those parts, in the wild while 75% of the global amount, originates from North Africa. The fruit of "Vaccinium myrtillus" can be eaten raw, added to a stuffing for pies or added to desserts.
To support healthy eyes; This herb is said to be natureâ€(tm)s gift for the eyes. It has been used to enhance eye care. It improves the circulation and helps improve night vision and helps fight blurred vision, improve blurred vision, and nearsightedness. British pilots used this herb prior to night missions an reported improved and clarity of vision. This herb is commonly used to fight eye fatigue and eyestrain by supporting and strengthen the capillaries that feed the eye nerves and muscles.
promotes healthy skin blood circulation, known for its calming effects on skin infections and burns.
Bilberry is known for its ability to help nourish and repair the tiny capillaries within the eye. In addition, the bilberry bioflavonoids are beneficial to the connective tissue that lines blood vessels and binds ligaments throughout the body.
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