Definitions for "Impossibility"
contract requirement which is physically impossible to perform. To be impossible, it must be shown that no contractor could perform the work as required and not that just one contractor cannot perform it. [D04998] PDG
A doctrine of contract law that excuses performance that becomes physically impossible.
"Doctrine of Impossibility" is an excuse for non-performance of duties under a contract, based on a change in circumstances (or the discovery of preexisting circumstances), the nonoccurrence of which was an underlying assumption of the contract, that makes performance of the contract literally impossible. For such a defense to be raised, performance must not merely be difficult or unexpectedly costly for one party; there must be no way for it to actually be accomplished.
The quality of being impossible; impracticability.
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Inability; helplessness.
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An impossible thing; that which is not possible; that which can not be thought, done, or endured.
incapability of existing or occurring
An event that cannot occur in a probability experiment (e.g., rolling the number 7 when tossing a six-sided number cube labeled 1 to 6). This is also known as an impossible outcome.
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an alternative that is not available