Definitions for "Mange"
The scab or itch in cattle, dogs, and other beasts.
A disease caused by the presence of parasitic mites barely visible to the naked eye. There are several varieties of parasitic mites, each attacking different sections of the body. Otodectes cynotis live in the ear canal, causing dark wax which in turn itches the cat persistently. Notoedres cati are mites that localize on the head by burrowing beneath the skin, causing itching and loss of hair.
a contagious skin condition caused by burrowing mites.
One of the many names by which members of the Greek underworld have been known. Throughout the years since Greece's independence, people related to these various sub-cultures have been known as koutsouvakidhes, mortes, daidhes, manges, rembetes. Each has been recognized by a certain mode of dress and its anti-social behavior.