Definitions for "MCTD"
Mixed connective tissue disease. Disease affecting the entire body characterized by the combined symptoms of various collagen diseases. Symptoms may include joint pain, inflammation of muscles, non-deforming arthritis and swollen hands. May also affect esophagus and lungs. Treatment often includes administration of corticosteroids.
Mixed connective tissue disease. types of autoimmune diseases also known as 'overlap syndromes'.
Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (a lupus variant condition).
Milwaukee County Department of Public Works Transportation Division
Marin County Transit District: The Marin County Transit District (MCTD) was formed by a vote of the people of Marin County in 1964 and was given the responsibility for providing local transit service within Marin County. Although MCTD has responsibility for local services, it does not own any buses or facilities and does not employ its own drivers. Instead, MCTD contracts with other providers, including Golden Gate Transit and Whistlestop Wheels for local bus and paratransit services.
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(Maximum Cell Transfer Delay) - This is the sum of the fixed delay component across the link or node and MCDV.