Definitions for "Mechanistic"
explained in terms of physical forces; "a mechanistic universe"
of or relating to the philosophical theory of mechanism
adj. pertaining to the theory or philosophy of mechanism, that everything in the universe is produced by matter in motion; that all natural processes are explicable in Newtonian mechanics; that all biological processes (including human life and behavior) are explicable in physiochemical terms. The (erroneous) logic behind the philosophy is apparently that, since some (or many) things and phenomena can be explained by man in purely physical, natural terms, therefore all things and phenomena must be capable of explanation by man in purely physical, natural terms.
Another criticism of behaviourism, mechanistic means we merely respond to our environment, having little control over it. Behaviourism favours an ABC model of behaviour viz. Antecedent - Behaviour - Consequences . The biological approach can also be accused as being mechanistic. It sees our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours as being driven by neurons, hormones etc. It underplays the influence of cognitions, our environment, and our social world on our behaviours.
lacking thought or feeling
Keywords:  linkages, path, step, ability, effect
Step-by-step path from cause to effect with ability to make linkages at each step.