Definitions for "MLT"
Manufacturing Lead Time. The amount of time each unit spends in the manufacturing process (sometimes called Throughput Time). This includes time spent actively being worked upon at each step of the process as well as any time spend waiting between steps. The concept of a lead time applies to the total time spent in any process in which the start and finish are well-defined events. We can talk about lead times, for example, in service operations, or in the entire order-to-delivery process.
MultiLink Trunking. A Bay Networks BayStack 350 Series software feature allowing a user to group up to four ports when forming a link to another switch or server. This capability increases aggregate throughput of the two devices.
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The mean-length-per-turn of wire for a core.
Mean Length Turn. The average length of a single winding turn around the core. In multilayer coils, the length of each successive layer is longer resulting in a longer average turn length.
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Milton Corporation Limited
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Mechanized Loop Testing
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Music Libraries Trust