Definitions for "Ryder"
a township in Ward County North Dakota, USA Rye Rye is a town in Surrey popular with tourists for its Tudor , Stuart and Georgian houses
Ryder was a purpose-made pop group led by Maynard Williams whose primary purpose was to represent the United Kingdom at the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest in Bergen, Norway. Ryder performed the song Runner in the Night which was placed 7th. Williams, the son of actor Bill Maynard, had previously reached the final 24 of the UK heat in 1985.
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Ryder is a crater on the far side of the Moon. It is located in a patch of higher albedo surface material to the east of the larger Roche-Pauli crater pair. The name for this crater was officially approved at the IAU general assembly in 2006.
A gold coin of Zealand [Netherlands] equal to 14 florins, about $5.60 (ca. 1910).
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A clause added to a document; a rider. See Rider.