Definitions for "samhain "
Keywords:  sabbat, halloween, celtic, oct, wiccan
A Wiccan festival celebrated on October 31st. Also known as November Eve, Hallowmas, Halloween, Feast of Souls. Samhain marks the symbolic death of the Sun God and His passing into the "land of the young," where He awaits rebirth of the Mother Goddess at Yule. This Celtic word is pronounced by Wiccans as: SOW-wen; SEW-wen; SAHM-hain; SAHM-ain; SAV-een and other ways. The first seems to be the one preferred among most Wiccans.
Great pagan fair (1rst November), beginning of the new Celtic year and of the cold season. During the Samhain night, all the doors of the sidh are open. During this night, the high king of Ireland was symbolically killed before reborn for a other year of reign.
The first of November, a festival also known as All Hallow's Day.
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