Definitions for "Wiccaning"
A pagan form of Christening. Unlike a Christening though, the child is placed in the care of the Goddess and God, not declared to be a Pagan. The child is free to chose whichever religion they like, but a Wiccaning is done to protect them until they are old enough to become Pagan themselves.
Also called "Paganing" or "saining," this is the Wiccan/Pagan equivalent of christening. During this rite, a Pagan baby receives a name and welcoming into the family/tribe. Customarily, the parents and/or a High Priestess also bless the child and introduce him or her to the God and the Goddess, but not as a permanent dedication. That must wait until the child is old enough to decide what religion he or she feels called to follow. This merely serves as a basis for teaching, protection, and community during childhood.
A Wiccan ceremony celebrating the birth and naming of a child.