Definitions for "Soon"
In a short time; shortly after any time specified or supposed; as, soon after sunrise.
Without the usual delay; before any time supposed; early.
in the near future; "the doctor will soon be here"; "the book will appear shortly"; "she will arrive presently"; "we should have news before long"
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Soon is the title of a 1993 country music album by Tanya Tucker. The top hits from Soon were the title song, "Soon" at #2, "Hangin' In" at #4. and "We Don't Have to Do This" at #11 on the Billboard Top Country Singles charts. "You Just Watch Me" rose to #20.
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Speedy; quick.
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Readily; willingly; -- in this sense used with would, or some other word expressing will.
Helpful GM's way of saying that something's being worked on and will be done eventually. Probably.
Keywords:  easily
Promptly; quickly; easily.