Definitions for "SWORDS"
Swords are produced by weaponsmiths. The actual production is set via the management screen. 25 iron is needed to produce 1 sword. Swords are used by swordsman and horseman. They are also used by Viking Berserkers, Frank Paladins, Japanese Samurai and Byzantine Cataphract.
Swords was the third single released from Leftfield's album Rhythm and Stealth. It was also their last single release. The song featured vocals by Nicole Willis.
One of the four suits of the Minor Arcana, identified with the air element, associated with energy, action, intellect, the conscious mind, violence, disappointments, sorrow, judgments, and opinions. Identified with the spade suit of modern playing cards, and also called blades, epées, lightning, lasers, and other similar designations, depending on the deck.
Swords was an American indie rock band that formed in 1999 in Portland, Oregon. The band took their name from the idea of being "hired assassins of rock". The name of the band was shortened to Swords from The Swords Project in 2003.
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See Weapons
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Attacker takes Damage of 10-20