Definitions for "Temperate rain forest"
Keywords:  rainfall, coast, northwest, rain, west
A type of forest that exists in cool but generally frost-free regions of heavy annual precipitation. It consists mainly of mixed deciduous trees, usually with one dominant species. With the onset of winter the forest becomes dormant and remains so until spring, when it resumes active growth. Temperate rain forests are found principally near the west coasts of southern South America and northern North America, in New Zealand, and in northern Japan. Compare tropical rain forest.
a type of forest found in only a few places around the world, such as the Pacific temperate rain forest on the west coast of North America. These forests are often dominated by conifer trees adapted to wet climates and cool temperatures.
An expression used to describe the native woodlands of the North West of Scotland, due to both the high rainfall in the area and the large numbers of lichens, ferns and bryophytes found there.