Definitions for "ADM "
Archer Daniels Midland
Archier Daniels Midland
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See Add/drop multiplexor.
Add-Drop Multiplex
Abbreviation for add-drop multiplexer. A device which adds or drops signals from a communications network. Common in CWDM and DWDM systems where a given wavelength is dropped and/or added at a node.
See average daily membership.
Average Daily Membership. Average of the number of students registered or enrolled (as opposed to attendance) in a school during the time it is in session.
Average Daily Membership :Membership Days divided by Number of days in reporting period Example:1 student has 40 membership days / 40 = 1 adm
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See Arrow Diagram Method
Arrow Diagram Method. This is a version of a Network Diagram which helps to sequence activities, identify gaps, and identify dependency relationships. A network diagramming technique in which activities are represented by arrows. The tail of the arrow represents the start, and the head of the arrow represents the end of the activity. Activities are connected at points called nodes to illustrate the sequence in which activities are expected to be performed. (PMI)
Architecture Development Method
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Adaptive Delta Modulation. Digital coding method employed by Dolby Labs' satellite TV audio system, to be used (via B-MAC) by Australia's HACBSS.
A form of delta modulation in which the step size is varied to improve tracking accuracy.
Allen Diagnostic Module
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or admin. (abbr) : administrator, administration.
ADM aims to integrate your desktop with the Asterisk PBX and hardware IP phone by providing some useful features such as automatic on-call volume reduction, one click dialling , BlueTooth presence detection and automatic call redirection when you walk out of the office, a pop up browser on call, and transfer of the current call from the desktop.
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Administrator See Sysop
Aerosol dispensed medication NEC Not elsewhere classified (when using this class, specific products are noted)
Advanced Digital Manufacturing. 3D Systems' trade name for direct manufacturing or direct fabrication. Often used in conjunction with the company's now dormant OptoForm technology.
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Assistant Deputy Minister
AERONAUTICAL DECISION MAKING. A systematic approach to the mental process used by aircraft pilots to consistently determine the best course of action in response to a given set of circumstances. AFFECTIVE DOMAIN-A grouping of levels of learning associated with a person's attitudes, personal beliefs, and values which range from receiving through responding, valuing, and organization to characterization.
Abstract Data Model - a conceptual model of data, data types, and data organization. The ADM is independent of the physical storage medium or programming environment.
Atmospheric Dispersion Model
Advanced Development Model
Application Development and Maintenance
Aboriginal Development Manager
Area Development Management
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(abbreviation) administrator, administration.
admission; admitted