Definitions for "AoC"
Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (see Classifications), a French term for a denominated, governed wine region such as Margaux or Nuits-St.-Georges.
"Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée". Certifies you that a wine is coming from a defined area know for its "terroir". Besides the need to have the vines planted in a delimited area, the vineyard must respect grape typicity, not overcome certain yields and submit the wines to a tasting every vintage, this to insure quality.
The AOC system of legally defined and regulated wine regions was started in France in 1935 to protect growers in the best of the known vineyard areas against inferior and dishonest bottlers. It is a government guarantee of a wine's quality.
Active Object Class. A dynamic feature of the MWFM NMOS based on the concept of object class files and object-orientation. AOCs are considered "active" since there is no operator input. In this case, the AOC tells the system what action to undertake on the object upon instantiation based on the properties, behaviors and management policies contained it contains. Implementation of the AOC properties occurs as soon as the object has been detected in the network. For reference, a "passive" class can be defined as a situation where the system needs to be told that an object belongs to a particular AOC before it instigates the properties, behaviors and management policies associated with the object.
Any other colour class at shows
Apostolic Orthodox Catholic Church
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Attack of the Clones. Episode II in the Star Wars saga. Also abbreviated as "AOTC".
approximate original contour. the surface configuration achieved by backfilling and grading the mined areas so that the reclaimed area closely resembles the general surface configuration of the land prior to mining.
Areas of Concern. The 42 severely degraded geographic areas in the Great Lakes Basin where beneficial uses for humans and wildlife (e.g. fish consumption and habitat degradation) are impaired.
Area of Concern
Auxiliary Output Chip. A security device used to generate internal Y-codes for correlation with the satellite-transmitted Y-codes to provide anti-spoofing protection.
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Advice of Credit
advice of charge
Attestation of Conformity; refers to the CPD system for attesting the conformity of construction products to European technical specifications
Australian Olympic Committee
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Assimilable Organic Carbon
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Association of Old Crows
Association of Colleges
Administrative Order on Consent
Administrative Order of Consent
Administrative Office of the Courts
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See Age of Council
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Air Officer Commanding
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Always on Call. Our 24/7 support line that customers pay for
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Any other color
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See AC.