Definitions for "cdr"
Complementary determining region. The hypervariable regions of an antibody molecule, consisting of three loops from the heavy chain and three from the light chain, that together form the antigen-binding site.
Complementarity determining region. The variable regions of an antibody molecule that form the antigen binding site. The CDR is formed by the combined variable regions of both light and heavy chains.
complementarity determining regions – part of the antibody that makes contact with target molecule and determines its specifity
Common Data Representation. A low-level data representation of the General Inter-0RB Protocol (GIOP).
call data record. Information logged by the private branch exchange (PBX) that tracks who made or received calls from whom, the duration of the call, and other information. CDR is used to bill back telecommunications charges to the appropriate parties.
See call data record (CDR).
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Continuing Disability Review. The Social Security Act requires a review of whether individuals continue to be medically disabled. Several factors determine the period when a CDR is actually conducted.
Critical Design Review, formal meeting certifying the start of full production of the overall hardware and software design.
Continuing Disability Review. A process that SSA conducts to obtain complete current information about a beneficiary's medical condition and any work activity completed to decide if SSDI and/or SSI benefits should continue.
Comités de Defensa de la Revolución; neighbourhood bodies originally formed in 1960 to consolidate grassroots suppor for the revolution. Later these played a decisive role in health, education, social and voluntary labor campaigns.
cdr stands for CDRip. It is a Perl program that uses dialog to provide an ncurses front end for ripping audio and encoding MP3s. It supports lame, cdparanoia, and CDDB / FreeDDB
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LISP function that returns all elements but the first element of the list.
Not an acronym. `Lisp' expression which refers to (and selects) the items of a list held in a variable, less the first item. See also `car'.
collateralized depository receipt. The instrument that is actually delivered in fulfillment of the Chicago Board of Trade GNMA-CDR. Similar to warehouse receipts used for agricultural commodities.
Centrale Discotheek Rotterdam
a vector graphics file format from an illustration package CorelDraw. Generally, graphics created in the .CDR format needs to be exported as a .TIF or .JPEG file in order to be used in any authoring software.
cdr is a CD ripper for Linux. It's a simple program with a no-frills console interface. It does one thing well -- the user interface -- and leaves the rest to other components with the same philosophy.
Crude Death Rate. annual number of deaths per 1,000 population. (National Statistics Office)
Crude death rate. the number of deaths per 1,000 people in a given year
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Abbreviation for circular depolarization ratio.
Coded Departure Routes. Predefined routes used to route air traffic around areas of severe weather.
Closer Defence Relations. Defence and Security
Case detection rate (i.e.smear-positive case detection rate, whole country)
A high level overview of the business concept, goals and objectives. The CDR also includes an overview of the intended business functionality within each component of the development.
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Component Design Range